Thursday, April 21, 2016

How to Get Rid of Man Boobs Fast

There are two reasons men grow breast.

The first reason is due to your body fat percentage being high, causing a build up of fatty tissue anywhere on your body. In this case… your breast.

The second reason is hormones… I know, who thought hormones would effect a mans breast size!

Basically your body starts producing less testosterone and more estrogen… which is the same hormone a female produces that makes them a female.

Now that you know what causes manboobs, lets go over the options you do have on Amazon and where to buy Gynectrol if you still feel it's your best option and where to find it.

Unfortunately, you can't choose where your body is going to shed fat. So the best way to lose man boobs is to reduce your fat overall. They are two reasons men end up having to figure out how to loose man boobs.

The first reason comes from not maintaining your diet and not exercising, causing you to be overweight.  As I said before, who has time to track calories and go to the gym…

The second reason is due to a medical condition. The condition is called gynecomastia, a hormonal condition in which your body produces an increased amount of estrogen & a decreased amount of testosterone.

This condition has often been the result of taking different medications that influenced your body's hormonal levels.

Whether you have male breast from not dieting & exercising or from a medical condition, you have two treatment options.

Your first and most obvious option is to look at your shirt size. If you are looking for an immediate solution, then adjust the size of your shirts to accommodate your body type.

The worst thing any person can do, whether you're male or female, is to wear clothes that don't fit you.

To be honest, and without sounding silly, I didn't realize how tight my clothes had gotten. Specifically my upper body…

So my quick but temporary solution, since I can't afford an entire new wardrobe and want to lose weight anyway, was to buy a few larger shirts that were more accommodating to my body type.

I know many people throw the word around, Moobs, but on a serious level what are they. Are they really male breast?

Unfortunately, that is exactly what they are. It's a buildup of excess tissue, specifically fatty tissue, around the area of your breast as well as behind your nipple.

You may have heard of gynecomastia, but the chances of that being the reason you developed man boobs is slim to none.

The majority of men dealing with this issue automatically assume that they need to figure out how to get rid of man boobs fast.

Being diagnosed with this condition is not only rare, but a condition you seriously don't want. If you are diagnosed with this condition your body is basically producing the female sex hormone, estrogen, instead of the male sex hormone, testosterone.


Friday, April 15, 2016

Don't Buy Gynectrol on Amazon Until You Read This!

Find Out How to Get Rid of Man Boobs Fast!

The majority of man boobs are a result of years of unhealthy eating habits. Now this doesn't mean you need to start counting all your calories and throwing away all the junk food in your pantry. It simply means trying to eat a little healthier each day then you usually do. Try to reduce the amount of soda and junk food you drink and eat normally, and replace them with more meat like chicken, fruits, and vegetables. If you're the above average alcohol consumer, try to reduce your daily intake to no more than two beers or two alcoholic beverages per day.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Spirit of Spreading the Great News

The Spirit of Spreading the Great News

The holiday season was the perfect gathering for all the families all over the world. The yearly celebration of Holidays gives a wonderful memory to each and every one of us. The music played in the streets and the glittery Christmas lights can bring joy to our cheerful souls. The spirit of Christmas is about sharing our blessings and continue living the good endeavors in life.


One of the traditional things that we do during Christmas is the festivity of celebration. Just like any other special occasions that we prepare a sumptuous dinner to feed our body. It is like a celebration of peace and love that is gathered by all our family and friends. We usually play music while the party is grooving on. My family was into music that I grew up to be so fascinated with every note that the music gives. I began writing songs during my high school days and very active in the musical plays.


After the Holiday season, I make sure that I detoxify myself from all the unhealthy foods that I eat during all the parties that I attended to. It becomes part of my routine to lose weight when the second week of January starts. I began using this diet supplement, I was able to find it through net and read a lot of outstanding reviews about the product and decided to purchase one. I was very happy and contented with the results. This supplement was really amazing because it is completely natural.


For instance, while metabolic system boosters often make individuals experience side effects, these users said the same kind of benefits while ensuring that side effects are never heard of. It also works as an appetite suppressant. Thus, with all these features combined, the product comes as one of the most effective fat binding diet pills that can surely benefit your entire body.


My family and friends was completely curious about this pill that I am taking and I am very proud to tell them about my experience. I also told them about the importance of healthy diet and regular exercise while taking this natural supplement. I went back to work after my Holiday break and my co-workers was amazed how I maintained my lean body despite all the parties that I attended to. And there it goes, I become the medium on spreading the good news to the people that is trying to achieve a healthy lean body.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Practical Side of Selling

The sun is shining bright as I glimpse outside my glass window. Having the perfect weather makes me jump with excitement. Everything around me feels like dancing with happiness. As I finished my hot shower, I immediately prepared my favorite cup of coffee that I always make as my early morning booster. I put on my favorite white polo and black slacks partnered with my tan colored pumps. Today will be the day that I will get the promotion that I’ve been longing for. My hard work and sleepless nights will now be paid off. I can finally smell the fruit of my labor as I walk down the streets going to my office.


I’ve been in the music composing blog network for almost five years now and everything that I learned was the greatest achievement I have in life. The music that was made out of my effort nourished my soul and enriched my life with fulfillment. I have gained my truest friends in this career that made who I am now. Day dreaming of the past as I enter the door of our office brought tears to my glowing eyes. Tears of happiness indeed.


Planning my life as I received my promotion gives me an unexplainable feeling. Having a desk of my own was really a dream come true. Imagining my life with the perfect career and having a good set of friends makes me the happiest person alive. As I am packing my stuff in my old apartment, I realized that I need to sell some of my things that I don’t need anymore. My new apartment was near to my office and it offers an amazing city view. I suddenly looked at my phone and realized that I need something much more useful for my daily tasks.


I browsed through the net and saw this site that offers a selling part. I took a photo of my phone, uploaded it, put the details and there it goes—it was published in just a few clicks. I was able to sell my phone at a very decent price since it was still in a good condition. After receiving the payment, I immediately looked for a new phone that can capture my every needs even if I am not in the office. I can watch my cats from home using a recording device that connects to my new phone!



Friday, October 9, 2015

How Core Are You Really

How Core Are You Really

A great friend of mine has been obsessed with the song “A Diamond is a Girls Best Friend” for quite some time. In fact, it was one of the very few first songs that she requested me to turn into a ringtone for her when I first started pursuing her and asking her out on dates.

Early on in our getting to know each other phase, I asked her why she loved the song so much. As a guy, I never really bothered to pay attention to the song since it’s obviously for chicks and to be quite honest, as diversified as my music taste goes… I’m not a very big fan.

So when she explained the lyrics of the song to me, it made me realize what an empowered type of woman she was. She always aims for the best and wishes to be happy in everything that she does. From that moment on, I started calling her my diamond.

I try my best to be thoughtful when it comes to gifts so after having made her that ringtone, I also did my research online and found the perfect gift for her.

As I read further, I found out that these candles contained wrapped diamond rings. Not all the rings are real but if you’re lucky enough, you could end up with a ring that costs as much as $1,000 or even more! If I got a ring worth that much money I would sell it to help pay my dogs vet bill! His liver started failing so now I have to buy a monthly liver supplement called denamarin for animals to maintain his liver function.

When I gave this special someone her gift, she was more than ecstatic. She had read about them online as well and was always thinking of buying one but she has never gotten around to actually buying one. As soon as she recognized what the package was, she swung her arms around me and planted a kiss on my cheek which was honestly a very nice gesture.

Although she didn’t get a real diamond, I could tell she was happy and that she appreciated the gesture. We’ve been going out for about 3 months now and I see her wear the diamond ring very often and the most touching part about all of this is that she openly tells her friends that the ring was from me.


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Music is My Passion

I’m DaZa, and music is my passion. My whole life revolves around music. I grew up belting Beatles and Red Hot Chili Peppers, mushing over Ramones and ABBBA, and mixing tapes of Beeges and Bread. I even used The Carpenters and The Smiths to woe a cute, quite delusional cheerleader back in junior high. The Flower Power Era much influenced my music taste. One can say that I am obsessed with music, no, I am very, very crazy for music.


I am a binge listener, and I am not picky either. Be it techno, pop, alternative rock, and country and rock. Name it, and we could spend all the year talking about music alone.  Because of my voracious hunger for music, I had gained so friends. I even formed a band in college, and I could say without any bias that we were pretty famous back then. It had so much seeped into my life that I made a living out of my passion.


I view music in different angles. Whenever I listen to music, I imagine colors bursting in my blank mind. Sometimes music transports me to different places. The nostalgia is quite hard to explain. But whenever I talk with fellow music lovers, there is this unspoken understanding between us. No words could paint these colors, and I believe that every individual as well has different variations of their music experience.


Music makes you express the inexpressible, makes you see something that is beyond the usual. It makes leaping on air an easy task. It is a universal language. Every culture, religion and language meets halfway through music. It is like listening to old stories of various people and their experience. It is a shared and communal understanding, and it existed along humanity. What differences other people may have could be easily bridged by music alone.


Because I love music, I had been mixing tracks with MP3, CD, Tape and all the like and I would like to share them with everyone else. I do not consider myself as a connoisseur of music, but I would love to accept any criticisms should any of you find any, and I welcome them with open arms and cherry smile. I believe that one must accept criticism in order to be best in their chosen career, and I would like you people to be a part of my growth.